Bradley Palmer

Bradley Palmer
Tampa, FL
(727) 282-8383

Brad Palmer

Personal motto: 

“No success in the workplace will make up for failure in the home."


Hobbies and Interests
  • Renovating and flipping homes
  • I'm a Scout Master
  • Road trips with the family
  • Spearfishing
  • Photography
  • Cars
  • Sports
  • Making my yard beautiful
  • Listening to and agreeing with my wife


Award Winning
  • Messaging and content creation

  • Campaign development and testing

  • Branding and positioning

Skills and Experience
  • Logo design
  • Photography
  • Video/film production
  • Publications
  • Executive communications
  • Web development (including responsive)
  • Digital marketing
  • Ad creation and layout
  • Outdoor media/OOH
  • Print media
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Direct mail
  • Print fulfillment
  • Internal/external communications
  • Media placement
  • SaaS
Efficient work
  • Project Management
  • Six Sigma
Team Building
  • I thrive in both individual and group settings. I like structure and organization, but dislike micromanagement. I like to make calculated decisions based on research and evidence, but I think that creativity is a huge key to success. I prefer marketing to be done strategically because I believe it helps maximize return on investment. I think quality design is the emissary of a good marketing strategy.



My responsibilities have included executive communications, digital marketing, ad layout, logo design, photography, video/film production, ad creation, outdoor media, print media, TV, radio, direct mail, print fulfillment, newsletters, publications, vendor management, media placement, SEO/SEM, SAS and website development.

Cost Saving
  • Process Improvement
  • Reduce insignificant annual spending
  • Vendor selection and management